I’m a cryptoeconomics researcher based in Porto, Portugal. I studied Physics and earned my Bachelor’s degree before dropping out to focus on my two passions: blockchain and artificial intelligence.

My strongest skill is in Mathematics, which I learned mostly during my Bachelor’s and then complemented with self-study on cryptography, information theory and computer science. I also learned, and am fluent in, Python and Rust.

From September 2018 to December 2019 I was the Chief Research Officer at Trinkler Software, a software company focused on cryptocurrency research and applications based in Switzerland. The research that I created during that time include Katal, a blockchain designed for deploying and running decentralized finance applications, and Albatross, a novel proof-of-stake consensus algorithm with a performance close to the theoretical maximum for single-chain consensus algorithms.

Starting from January 2020 I became a Blockchain Researcher at Nimiq, a blockchain for payments that focuses in simplicity and accessibility. As a Blockchain Researcher I am in charge of developing new technologies to improve the Nimiq blockchain and ecosystem.

Some of my main contributions were:

  • Implementing the Albatross consensus algorithm for the Nimiq 2.0 release, drastically improving the throughput and latency of the blockchain.
  • Researching and implementing Nimiq 2.0 nano nodes, which are a type of light client that uses recursive zero-knowledge proofs to be able to sync in seconds.