I’m a blockchain researcher and developer based in Porto, Portugal. My academic background is in Physics, and I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Universidade do Porto. During that time though, I discovered that my two true passions were blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.

While in college, I did a few hobby projects in artificial intelligence, most notably designing my own supervised learning algorithm using submodular set functions. I also started working on some blockchain problems, like private transactions and more efficient syncing algorithms.

I then decided not to get my Master’s degree and instead pursue a professional career in blockchain technology. Initially, I was a full-time researcher but later learned how to code properly and also became a developer. Most of my work has been focused on consensus algorithms, cryptography, and cryptoeconomics.

My strongest skill is in Mathematics, which I mainly learned during my Bachelor’s and then complemented with self-study on cryptography, information theory, and computer science. I also learned, and am fluent in, Python and Rust.